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We have an exciting range of free webinars for our Licensed and Client Practitioners to help you apply the Insights portfolio to your business challenges. Below you will find descriptions of what you will learn from each webinar. To register simply enter your details in the form on the right and you will be sent a confirmation email with the joining instructions.

Some of our webinars are taster sessions for a more in-depth learning experience. You can attend one of these webinars to find out how you would benefit from our Inform and Inspire face-to-face learning events.

You can download the continuous education brochure here, which includes both webinars and learning events, and start to plan your learning journey!


Webinar Descriptions


Springboard Webinar for new practitioners

In this webinar we welcome new practitioners and introduce them to the resources available to them.  

Influencing others: harnessing the power to connect and sell (taster webinar)

In this taster session we will explore how Insights Discovery can help to make individuals better at influencing and selling. 

Honest conversations: using authentic feedback to enhance relationships (taster webinar)

This taster session focuses on building open, honest relationships, and the promotion of constructive feedback using the Discovery Full Circle Profile.

Engaging with change: guiding yourself and others through change (taster webinar)

This taster session aims to make you more effective at guiding people through the change process.

Impactful teams: enabling success through working together (taster webinar)

This taster session helps you to use Insights Discovery to enable team success.

A time to reflect: getting to know the deeper you (taster webinar)

This taster session is designed specifically for practitioner personal development. It uses Deeper Discovery to explore who you are and what you want to achieve. 

Leaders who inspire: maximising the impact of your leaders (taster webinar)

This taster session helps you to develop inspirational leaders by exploring different leadership styles and helping leaders to be authentic.

The other side of leadership

The importance of 'Followership' and how individuals can improve their relationship with their manager.

Managing stress

How to recognise stress manifesting through the colour lens, and how to reduce and control it. 


Virtual delivery best practice

Tips and advice for practitioners on how to successfully deliver Insights Discovery by webinar. 

Take to the floor

Delivery tips and advice to make your sessions run smoothly and get the best delegate experience. 


What mindfulness is, why it's important, and how it links in to Insights Discovery. 

The revolving door: people leaving and joining your team

How to keep team performance and morale high despite frequent personnel changes.


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