Discovering Sales and Influencing

Learning Transfer for Practitioners 


What is it?

Discovering Sales and Influencing is Insights advanced comprehensive learning programme that takes salespeople on a personal development journey to become experts in human connections. Using Insights Discovery to explore individual selling styles and understand the psychology behind the customer, Discovering Sales and Influencing builds on this foundational knowledge and assesses preferences and behaviours at each stage of the sale.


This learning programme is a highly practical and flexible approach to developing your sales teams. Discovering Sales and Influencing consists of a launch pad experience, six live-learning sessions and interactive playbooks to support each module and guide salespeople through the activities and reflective exercises.


Purpose for the Learning Transfer

Share the content and approach in a structured way to meet the purpose and learning objectives

Provide an opportunity to experience the content as a learner and explore how it can be applied​

Share best practice ideas of how the offering has been most effective in other organisations

Enable you to reflect and challenge your own thinking​

Discuss how to ensure the offering is relevant to your personal and organisational needs


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