Renew your practitioner licence 


Keep your accreditation up-to-date and gain
some new skills at the same time.

Our Inform and Inspire practitioner education programme is a series of face-to-face and virtual events that allow you to renew your licence to practise by exploring a topic of your choice.  We have made the events relevant to common business challenges so that you can refresh your Insights Discovery knowledge and learn how to apply it within your own, or your client's, organisation.

What people are saying about
their Inform and Inspire event

Some comments from people who attended one of our renewal events in 2016-17:

"It was an excellent networking opportunity with peers from other sectors of industry.
It was also extremely thought provoking and gave me a number of ideas
on how to keep Insights Discovery alive within the organisation."


"Some fantastic real life examples were given as to how to get the most out of a
Team Effectiveness session which will be invaluable going forward."


"It really helped me understand how I can use the
Discovering Leadership Effectiveness module in my workplace."


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How do I know if I need a renewal?


Client Practitioners need to renew their licence to practise every two years.  This ensures that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and materials in order to deliver Insights Discovery to great effect in your organisation, or with your clients.  The Inform and Inspire events can also be booked if you are NOT due a renewal, but just want to find out more about a specific topic.


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