Introducing Insights Explore

Designed to be a lighter-touch, learner-led version of our Insights Discovery product, Insights Explore is a web-based platform that serves as an introduction to the world of Insights and the language of colour.

Insights Explore introduces our simple, four-colour model to explore personality. It's built from the same validated psychology of Insights Discovery, which is used worldwide to help people work together and improve their interpersonal skills. But because it’s lighter and focuses only on the essentials, it’s ideal for people at every level of your organisation.

It's a self-led experience with a simple interface making it easy to use, and accessible for all your team members. Best of all, the relatable language and learning through bite-sized videos means it is easily understood and can be applied immediately in the workplace.

By being more scalable and at a lower-cost per learner, this new product offering allows you to embed the magic of Insights through more levels of your organisation than was previously possible. 


"Because I have people reporting to me, and there are certain times we have conflicts and differences of opinion. If I understand what colour I am and what they are, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of their colour energies, I can bring both of us to a comfortable discussion point into agreement on the way forward."

Rishu Sharma - Senior Project Manager, BT India

Who is Insights? 

We're a people development company, and we're busy creating a world where people truly understand themselves and others, and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do.

We provide people development solutions  that help companies all over the world get the very best from their people at work, and that’s a journey that begins with helping people increase their self-understanding.

Self-awareness is the foundation of excellent teamwork, improved communication, enhanced productivity and truly inspirational leadership. When you work with Insights, we raise the level of self-awareness throughout your organisation, and help you move into a more successful future.