Thursday 3 December, 2020
3:00pm (GMT) / 10:00am (ET)

The world changed overnight and all of a sudden there was a huge demand for leaders within organisations to take charge and find new, innovative ways of working against the backdrop of what was, and still is, a hugely challenging situation.

As leaders of people and organisations, the demands on you have never been greater. Leading virtually makes your role even more challenging as you juggle maintaining effective remote relationships, while providing vision and direction to focus your workforce on enhancing company performance. How you have chosen to lead during this challenging time will have lasting effects on your business, and your personal leadership brand.

Leaders can't just show up. You have to show up right, and that means being accountable for everything you do. This is where self-awareness comes into play, and how understanding yourself as a leader better has an impact.


Join us on this 60 minute webinar where we will be talking about how to re-shape your leadership style for today's virtual world.