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$10,000,000 overall savings
$7,884,209 turnover savings
$649,285 innovation savings
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Real numbers you can trust

The ROI Institute is the world's most credible research body specialising in L&D programmes. The sample included 1,304 participants who took part in the Insights Discovery learning journey from Oct 2021 to Sept 2022.

Outcomes that make a difference

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Respondents reacted positively to Insights Discovery at Indeed

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They learned important concepts from Insights Discovery

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Respondents successfully applied what they learned

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Indeed experienced significant impact due to Insights Discovery

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Insights Discovery at Indeed provides almost $10 million in benefits and an ROI of 2063%

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Important intangible benefits were delivered

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When we know better, we do better

This report provides the hard ROI numbers CFO's require to understand the value of your people programmes, once and for all. Download a copy of the ROI impact report to find out more.

Indeed's investment in Insights Discovery

Insights and Indeed have partnered since 2014, generating over 15,278 personal profiles and accrediting 29 internal Indeed practitioners.

These practitioners are part of the L&D team at Indeed and are qualified to deliver the Insights Discovery programme. They're an integral part of creating and championing the learning journey that's made this programme a success.

What happens at an Insights Discovery workshop?

Step One
Learn about Insights colour energies

Step Two
Understand your own unique colour energies mix and communication preferences

Step Three
Understand why and how your colleagues behave and communicate as they do

Step Four
Learn strategies to communicate and collaborate with team members based on their colour energies   

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