The Self-Aware Leader

Learning Transfer for Client Practitioners


We know that leadership is one of today’s biggest development priorities. The Self-Aware Leader is an evolution of our approach to leadership development and builds upon the foundation of the Insights Discovery methodology. It addresses common leadership challenges, including:

  • Improving leadership effectiveness for new and existing leaders
  • Helping leaders to better motivate and engage their teams
  • Supporting leaders to be more valuing and inclusive of different approaches
  • Giving leaders a strong sense of purpose and authenticity

The Self- Aware Leader programme includes the Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership (IDTL) profile, which gives leaders an insight into their behaviours through the lens of eight leadership dimensions. The personalised profile also contains practical tips for leaders to enhance their effectiveness in each area.

Learning outcomes for the learning transfer

Complemented with pre- and post-work, practitioners will learn how to:

  • Deliver the Self -Aware Leader as a modular development programme
  • Use the IDTL profile to facilitate one-to-one development conversations
  • Support leaders to understand their unique strengths and challenges in leadership
  • Help leaders to uncover their blind spots and biases


Full Day Workshop

Sessions One & Two (two webinars of 90 minutes each)

  • Introduces the Self- Aware Leader and gives practitioners an opportunity to experience the programme as a learner
  • The facilitator will provide an overview of the content and encourage practitioners to engage in exercises and discussion including a deeper look at the eight leadership dimensions

30-minute break between each session

60-minute break for lunch

Session Three (90-minute webinar)

  • Sharing tips for facilitating with the content and how to best use the materials for maximum learner engagement
  • Looking at a selection of the eight dimensions and sharing plans for how to bring these to life with learners

30-minute break

Session Four (90-minute webinar)

  • Discussion and practice in how to use the IDTL profile to best advantage including how to prepare for one-to-one development conversations with learners
  • Best practice ideas for implementing the Self-Aware Leader programme within an organisation

FOLLOW UP: Session Five (90-minute webinar held EIGHT WEEKS after parts one-four of the learning transfer)

  • A webinar to share implementation plans for your first programme delivery


What Practitioners receive

  • Personalised IDTL profile
  • Self-Aware Leader slide deck with facilitator & coach notes
  • Self- Aware Leader workshop journal and job aid
  • Self-Aware Leader floor mat (9ft/fabric)
  • Self- Aware Leader learning session agenda
  • Profile conversations job aid
  • Access to Self-Aware Leader resources on Insights Connections
  • Practitioner qualification certificate following attendance at all webinars


Introducing The Self-Aware Leader ...


What customers say

We asked some of our customers and non-customers what they thought about self-awareness and why it's important. Here's what they said:

"There is tons of research that self-awareness is the single most important characteristic for successful C-suite leaders. The same must be true for everyone. Increased self-awareness leads to improved performance. It is so important."

"Self-awareness is the cornerstone of leadership development. If we can understand ourselves - what motivates us and triggers us - we can learn to be proactive, not reactive, and maintain better working relationships as well as alignment with our intentional leadership brand."

"Over the years, there have often been coaching moments with leaders to think about what they might be doing or thinking to influence a situation. I've noticed the awareness is not always there and leading them to discover their behaviour patterns is eye-opening."

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