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Continuing Education Opportunities
Designed exclusively for Insights Practitioners

In response to your requests for more tools and information using the Insights portfolio, we've created monthly learning opportunities.  

These virtual webinars have been specifically designed to encourage our practitioners to address the key issues faced by companies and to develop the theory associated with these issues, applying the knowledge gained during your accreditation. 

Benefits of Insights Discovery Webinars

  • Receive practical tips and tricks to create programs with more impact
  • Connect with colleagues and share ideas
  • Convenient virtual learning opportunities
  • Each webinar provides opportunity for live question and answers. We look forward to meeting you virtually!

Descriptions of Insights Discovery webinars

Connecting with Customers - An Understanding of Selling Style

Provide support to individuals to deepen their understanding of not only themselves but also their customers, by exploring the Insights model of Selling and the Sales Chapter of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. The content is designed to help you and your learners explore their colour energies and identify when they are overused and to gain an understanding of their own approach throughout the six important stages of selling.  

Getting Started

This webinar is designed to support new practitioners providing tips and hints for successful facilitation. Participants gain understanding on how to facilitate breakthrough conversations in 1-to-1 coaching and in workshop delivery. Proven strategies are shared on how to keep the learning alive in your organization long after the workshop is delivered. 

Leading in a Virtual Environment

This webinar walks practitioners through the Leading in a Virtual Environment session, answers your questions, and demonstrates how to facilitate the interactive exercises and engage your participants. See a recorded presentation here.  

Master the Insights Discovery Personal Profile - Part 1

Explore the pages in the Foundation chapter of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile using real-life examples. Leverage your Insights Discovery investment and dive into the richness of the Foundation chapter, going beyond the most commonly used sections, Overview and Graphs. 

Master the Insights Discovery Personal Profile - Part 2

Many organisations choose to include the Management Chapter along with the Foundation Chapter in the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, but may not be sure how to best leverage this investment. This webinar explores uses for the Management Chapter of the Profile, as well as touching on when you might choose additional chapters for your participants. 

Refreshing the Basics

Whether you are a new practitioner or have been facilitating with Insights Discovery for many years, it is a good idea to review the basics from time to time. This webinar will go over the core topics from Insights Discovery at a level intended to refresh your content knowledge and give you a chance to check your delivery approach on these foundational concepts. 

Resilience in a Remote World

This webinar addresses your questions about this topic and covers how to make specific exercises interactive and more engaging virtually using the Resilience in a Remote World slide deck and facilitator notes. See a recorded presentation of a live session here.  

Responding to Stress and the Dynamics of Our Colour Energies

Stress can be caused by many different factors, many of which may be out of our control., Some level of stress is necessary to drive our performance, but too much, can have an adverse effect. This webinar focuses on what is within our control, using our graphs and colour energies to examine what we may find challenging, considering good day and bad day use of our energies, and how we might be projecting our opposite type. We also consider the role that Sensation and Intuition can play and how we can potentially allow our inferior functions to come to consciousness, so we can start to understand and value our opposite types. 

Utilising the Leadership Profile

The Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership profile is a leadership-specific profile created from the same evaluator input as the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. It offers additional insights on how a person’s preferences may impact leadership approach at the Self, Team, and Organisation level, and considers strengths and possible weaknesses in eight dimensions of leadership. This webinar will review Insights’ core assumptions of effective leadership, walk through the leadership profile and highlight exercises and applications for each section, as well as ways that the leadership profile could add value for your organisation.