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Continuing Education Opportunities
Designed exclusively for Insights Practitioners

In response to your requests for more tools and information using the Insights portfolio, we've created monthly learning opportunities.  

These virtual webinars have been specifically designed to encourage our practitioners to address the key issues faced by companies and to develop the theory associated with these issues, applying the knowledge gained during your accreditation. 

Benefits of Insights Discovery Webinars

  • Receive practical tips and tricks to create programs with more impact
  • Connect with colleagues and share ideas
  • Convenient virtual learning opportunites
  • Each 60 minute webinar provides opportunity for live question and answers. We look forward to meeting you virtually!
  • SHRM approved - earn one credit for each webinar

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Descriptions of Insights Discovery webinars

Deliver Insights virtually with impact
This two-hour webinar demonstrates how virtual delivery can be an effective alternative when face-to-face workshops are not possible. We’ll explore how to adapt your presentation in a virtual environment that provides impact and inspiration to meet the objectives of the group. Participants learn best practices and how to utilise exercises to engage learners in a virtual space.

Freshen up: 8 types
This webinar explores ways that the 8 types can support facilitation, coaching, and learning journeys. We’ll discuss how to apply the 8 types to specific business issues. Participants will receive the most up to date materials and learn best practices in order to leverage their Insights Discovery knowledge and facilitate greater breakthroughs for their learners.

Freshen up: Perception
Perception is the building block of Insights Discovery. This webinar explores new ways to bring perception to life for your learners using images, video, and the 8 types. We’ll include best practices and provide opportunity for participants to share ideas and discuss how to use perception in your Insights Discovery profile coaching sessions.  

Getting started
This webinar is designed to support new practitioners providing tips and hints for successful facilitation. Participants gain understanding on how to facilitate breakthrough conversations in 1-to-1 coaching and in workshop delivery. Proven strategies are shared on how to keep the learning alive in your organization long after the workshop is delivered.

Icebreakers and exercises that rock
Explore best practice applications of the four colour energies using activities and exercises. We’ll utilise new exercises and ideas to support the learning of standard content whilst facilitating learner engagement and interaction. Included are exercises to spark adapting and connecting and keeping it alive after the workshop.

Understand and apply: Discovering Leadership Effectiveness (DLE)
This webinar shares the DLE model and its content. Included are facilitation tips and several activities that engage your learners. Participants gain understanding of when to use DLE and suggestions for how to prepare for a DLE workshop.

Understand and apply: Discovering Sales Effectiveness: DSE
This webinar provides an overview of the Discovering Sales Effectiveness model and its workshop content. We’ll explore how self-awareness helps participants develop their influencing and/or sales skills. Included are the ways your organization can utilize DSE in account plans, sustainability strategies, and learning programs.

Understand and apply: Discovering Team Effectiveness (DTE)
This webinar covers the DTE model and its workshop content. Participants will experience several activities that bring the four colour energies to life in teams. We’ll explore what situations are optimal to deliver DTE as well as best practices for facilitation success.