Feeling confident to deliver an Introduction session but wondering what the other topics on Connections are? In these workshops we will open up the portfolio to help you to deliver beyond the Introduction to Discovery. We will take you through each of the different offerings available so that you feel confident to deliver.


What you can expect:

  • Learning opportunities for practitioners who want to expand their use of Insights Discovery beyond the introductory session

  • Structured learning opportunities, guided by an experienced facilitator

  • “How to” orientation to other parts of the Insights Discovery portfolio

  • Information on how and where to access the content from Connections


Preparation required:

  • Access and review the available content for the topic on the relevant Workshop Materials section of Connections



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2023 Live Learning Workshops

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Topics include:

  • Discovering Leadership Effectiveness

  • Discovering Sales Effectiveness

  • Discovering Team Effectiveness

  • Discovery Full Circle

  • Insights into Resilience


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